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Elaina Love's Pure Joy Academy is recognized around the world for its purifying, blissful and educational raw food workshops, classes and retreats.

Have you been hearing about Raw, Living Foods and wondering what it's all about?  Why are so many people adding raw foods to their diet?  What is this seemingly magic cuisine that makes people feel so good?  Even restaurants are jumping on the band wagon and training their chefs in the ways of this abundant subculture!

"I attended Elaina Love's Pure Joy Academy's Raw Chef Certification Program Level 1-4 and Detox Certification in Bali 2014 at Villa Gaia Retreat Center. The experience for me was one of total immersion in cutting edge health, healing and nutrition as well as raw food culinary mastery. Elaina operates as a seasoned retreat maestro and master chef offering an intensive hands on training that left me feeling deeply inspired about my own new found health as well as truly confident in the arena of raw food preparation, leading detox programs and health counseling. The skills she shares are top notch and the tools and ingredients we had to work with were the very best on earth! I feel privileged to have attended the training and I would recommend it to anyone serious about raw food living and working."

Amara Samata


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